About The Norfolk Village Of Blakeney

Hidden Gem

Nestled on Norfolk’s fabulous northern coast, Blakeney has been loved by visitors and locals for generations.

It’s intimate charm brings visitors back year after year.

This natural beauty is well recognised by its position within the Norfolk Coast AONB (Area of Natural Beauty) and the Norfolk Heritage Coast.

Blakeney originally made its name as a bustling commercial port, but over time the harbour has become accessible only to smaller boats and vessels, fostering an atmosphere for excellent recreational sailing.

Other activities include crabbing at the historic quay, fishing and birdwatching.

Blakeney is surrounded by a large estate of National Trust land, whose nature reserve has helped a thriving wild bird population and a famous colony of seals.

A thriving local industry has built up around Blakeney and the neighbouring villages with local boatowners organising regular trip to the reserve to view the basking seals and bird population.

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